I have been in the Yachting industry for over 17 years and have had many dealings with different people and companies –some good and some not really living up to the promises.However, over the past few years I have got to know Martin and the LINC guys very well and can honestly say it is a complete pleasure dealing with Martin and he is always willing to try and help in any way he can. Over the past 3 years I have got to know the LINC guys very well and have worked alongside them on two very prestigious new build yachting projects ranging from 120m to 145m.My first call will always be to Martin when I need extra hands for a project, as I know he will not fail to get me the right guys.

Moving on to my current project, another 100m+ new build I knew the guys I wanted to be involved and got in touch withMartin a few months ago to get things organized –due to the Corona Pandemic, plans had to be changed and again Martin was approachable and appreciative of the issues. Finally, we are now moving into the first stages of the installation so again at very short notice I contacted LINC and arranged the necessary manpower, without any problems whatsoever.

The LINC installers are all very highly skilled and take pride in their work, something that I have found lacking from other installer suppliers. I can’t recommend the services and installers of LINC highly enough as words cannot do justice to the level of service and skills that LINC bring to a project, they will always be my go tocompany for any projects I have a requirement for installers.

Carl Mainprize
One BV

Martin and his team work at an exceedingly high standard, with every effort made to be flexible and meet demanding requirements. This makes choosing Linc to work on our projects a logical choice.

Michael Meeneghan
Project Manager Refits - VBH

Working with LINC has been a great experience. They are always willing to work that extra mile to get the job done. I've been working with them on a few large projects and they knew exactly what to do. The clean rack builds, the efficient project management, and the friendly attitude definitely keeps me using them.

Mathew Gunther
Yacht Living Solutions BV

Martin and his team have provided invaluable support for a number of MARSS vessel security projects. We are very happy to provide our recommendation based on their product knowledge, quality of work and a friendly, down- to-earth project focussed approach

Johannes Pinl
CEO and Founder - MARSS Group

We have been very happy using Martin Harris and the LINC international team of technicians on our projects. They have provided great efficiencies and quality to our projects. We have never experienced a complaint from any shipyard or client as a result. We plan to continue to use their services as it makes a lot of business sense to not have to keep trained staff on during periods of down time, and only have to pay for labour when its needed for a contracted job.

They are well trained, and very professional in super yacht electronic systems. It’s nice to know that there is basically “no limitation” to the amount of sales we can close, without fear of not having the staff to handle it.

J. Marc Franken

Linc is one of my favourite companies to work with. We have had numerous positive experiences with Martin and the team. All of them work hard, ask good questions and have pride in the quality of work that they deliver. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again in the future and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for leading subcontracting in the AV/IT/Security space.

Alistair Levine
Director - Sales and Marketing at CAT - California Audio Technology

Martin and his team were great to have onboard during the build. They made my job as a manager easier because if they said they would get something done, then it would get done on time and at an excellent quality level.

Zeb Robin
Technical Director - Bond TM

In our line of work, we interact daily with many clients, vendors, and customers. It is rewarding to work with the staff at LINC, whose high work-ethic and strong commitment to customer service aligns with our own. Partnering with such a solid company ensures that our clients' needs are met promptly and successfully.

Jared Carroll
JSJ Door Solutions